• Grades K–8
  • Bilingual
  • Achievement test

Description & Features

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Logramos® TERCERA EDICIÓN (Third Edition) is a research-driven, evidence-based assessment that parallels the scope and sequence of the Iowa Assessments™. It measures the achievement and monitors the growth of Spanish-speaking students in grades K–8 in reading, language, and mathematics and in grades 1–8 in science and social studies. Logramos now offers a choice of either paper or online administration.

In addition, Logramos offers important distinctions in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and expression, rules of accentuation, verb formation, and conjugation—all of which aid in accurately measuring the achievement of today’s Spanish-speaking students.


Logramos is uniquely suited to help your Spanish-speaking students in their learning journey through all that it offers.

  • Test content aligned with content standards, curricular frameworks, and instructional materials from today’s classrooms
  • Measurement of critical thinking skills through test items that measure higher-order cognitive skills across all content areas, including science and social studies
  • Identification of student strengths and weaknesses for relative comparisons by content areas and skills across groups and individuals
  • Valid and reliable data to support school systems and state-reporting requirements
  • Conventional Spanish common to students from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries
  • Empirical norms developed from representative national probability samples

    Now Available! Online Administration for Logramos!

Scoring & Reporting

Logramos offers a choice of administration modes, including online, and a full suite of paper and web-based reports through RiversideDataManager

Student Profile Narrative

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Student Profile Narrative in Spanish

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White Papers

Logramos TERCERA EDICION (Third Edition)

This paper discusses the factors, such as cultural relevance and sensitivity, and the methodology that informed the development of Logramos as an instrument to fully assess the achievement of Spanish-speaking students who are acquiring English.

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